Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning solutions do you use?

Local Steam Cleaning makes sure that we do not do any impact to nature, environment and those dwelling in their homes and commercial spaces. Our team only uses eco-friendly. We only use cleaning agents and solutions that are environment-friendly to protect mother nature, ensure our client’s safety and protect our cleaners.

What is the duration of Deep Cleaning Services?

Deep cleaning of a regular apartment takes 6-8 hours however the duration varies with the size of the apartment and the amount of dirt.

Why is Deep Cleaning services priced higher as compared to regular cleaning services?

Home Deep Cleaning services are slightly higher priced as compared to regular cleaning because of the depth and coverage of the service. The service is carried out by professionally trained cleaning experts who use state of the art machinery and eco-friendly chemicals (Diversey®). Specialised chemicals are used for different surfaces. The rates are inclusive of transportation cost and service tax as per Government policies.

How often should Deep Cleaning services be scheduled for a house?

To keep your home sanitized and improve hygiene we recommend to schedule Deep Cleaning services once in 4 months.

What services are not included in Full house Deep Cleaning Services?

Deep Cleaning is an extensive service however major exclusions are sofa shampooing, utensil cleaning, cleaning the interiors of the kitchen appliances & personal wardrobes, chandeliers & clearing of construction debris. You can however book some of these services separately - like Sofa Shampooing, & Mattress steaming.

Does cleaning inside cabinets and wardrobes included in Deep cleaning?

No, unless it is empty from inside before service starts.

What is your Pet Policy?

For the safety and security of your pets please have dogs and cats crated or gated prior to our arrival.

Does Ushas offers any warranty on the services delivered?

Ushas does not provide any warranty for the cleaning services. We can assure you of the best professional service however if you have any complaints, suggestions or feedback in regards to the service quality or the team, pricing etc please give us a call to our service care at +91-7387903009 or email us at It is advised to do this within 24 hours of your service delivery.

Does the service guarantee 100% stain removal?

We do not guarantee complete removal of old/hard stains in the process of cleaning. We will try to the best of our ability without damaging the surface.

Do you perform outside cleaning ?

Yes. We provide sweeping and cobwebs removal only on balconies, garages, decks. If further cleaning is required, please discuss it during your booking.

When is an ideal time to get Deep Cleaning done for the house?

1. Moving to a new house 2. Moving back to a house that have been closed for a while. 3. Post any repair or maintenance work 4. Before any auspicious occasion like Diwali, wedding or housewarming. 5. After any party or event 6. Before welcoming a new born baby at home.

Does Deep cleaning include emptying of kitchen trolleys by Technician?

No, Kitchen trolleys are not emptied by our technician in Deep cleaning service. They are cleaned from inside only if its empty prior to service starts. However, kitchen trolleys are emptied, cleaned from inside and restocked in our Kitchen cleaning package. If interior cleaning of cabinets and modular trolley is required we recommend booking Intensive cleaning package or kitchen cleaning package.

Does Deep cleaning include cleaning of exterior areas of villas/bungalow/row houses?

Deep Cleaning covers accessible interiors only however exterior cleaning for pathways, open terraces can be arranged post inspection and charged separately.

Do I need to be home during the cleaning ?

No, you do not ! It's completely your choice whether you would like to be home during the job.

How long can you Finish the cleaning works?

The duration of cleaning will depend on the items that you require to be cleaned. Our team will give you the estimated time frame once we visit your place for live assessment.

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Yes. All our in-house cleaners are trustworthy and background checked. We make sure that you get the best, friendly and professional cleaners at all times.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

We will not stop unless you are satisfied. Your satisfaction seals the deal and we always strive to keep you smiling in every cleaning appointment we do for you.

Do you clean carpets or rugs that are heavily stained?

Yes, it is one of our specialised service and we can efficiently remove them.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

Yes, we will bring our own cleaning supplies and materials to help you get rid of the hassle with the cleaning preparations. Our cleaner will arrive with all the equipment we need to perform and complete our cleaning operations. Should you require specific products to be used, you can let our team know and our cleaner will discuss our cleaning solutions and what you need as long as it works best, safe for your health and the environment.

What work can I expect to be done ?

Ushas Services Cleaners offer a systemised approach to our services. We would love the opportunity to show you through the types of services on offer during one of our friendly face-to-face consultations/quotations. Simply complete a booking form and we will be more than happy to show you how we can assist with your house cleaning needs.

Are there any charges for inspection?

We do not charge for any inspection. Inspection can be arranged on prior request only.

Would the prices change in case the area specified at the time of booking is lesser than the actual area?

If the area of apartment/house is more than what was specified/quoted at the time of booking, additional charges will apply based on scope of work.

Is Fridge and chimney cleaning from inside is included in Deep Cleaning?

In all cleaning services Refrigerator and chimney are cleaned from outside. Refrigerator cleaning from inside is a separate add on paid service.

Do I need to empty the shelves prior to the Refrigerator Cleaning service?

Our cleaning experts will remove and restock items in the racks during cleaning. Customer is requested to make alternate storage arrangement for perishable food items like fruits, vegetable during the process of cleaning.



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