Frequently Asked Questions

What is pest control?

Pest control services help in eliminating the irritants from our homes, offices or any closed space that we spend our time in. Once pests are removed, pest control services also help in stopping the problem from recurring. Before you employ an expert from the many pest control companies available in India, you may have tried the home remedies and the market bought pesticides. However, the over the counter products are not as effective for specific pest infestations. Moreover, you may lack the expertise and the time to do it yourself. USHAS gives you many options across various budget points and ensures that our pest control methods that are safe for you and your family.

What are the different kind of pests that can affect my house/office?

Termites- Termites are wood eating insects that can completely destroy all wooden articles/furnitures in your house or office space. you can find them infesting your space more around monsoons. There are also three common specie of termites which can be found in your home/office and are all equally destructive. Bed Bugs- Another settler in wood, bed bug infestation can not just cause inconvenience but also red welts which can swell and get infected. Although the fact that cement and brick houses in India prevent bed bugs from inhabiting our abode, they still exist in this country. The trouble with bed bugs is they are hard to spot and multiply very fast Mosquitoes- With the rising diseases that mosquitoes can cause, their infestation is a cause for concem. They are life threatening as they are careers of Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya. In this case, over the top sprays and repellents may not always work. It is always better to take extra precautionary measures with an expert in the house. Ants- Ants specially come around closer to the start of winter but they can cause trouble all year around. While they mostly destroy the food we eat, they can also cause insect bites and skin irritation (the red ants). Rats-Apart from being the cause of plague, rats can cause massive destruction to property as they can nibble through pretty much everything- wires, clothes, books etc. Cockroaches- Apart from being a nuisance, roaches cause severe bacterial diseases. They also breed rapidly most of the year and are highly resilient to most insecticides. It is believed that roaches are perhaps the only specie that can survive a nuclear attack! Our advice, if you have the problem, get the experts in.

What is the difference between an ant and a termite?

Ants and termites look similar and are often confused with one another. But there are obvious signs that can help you distinguish between them. The best way is to get an inspection done by trained pros but here are some obvious indicators: Antennas - Termites have straight antennas while ants have elbowed ones Termites have a straight and usually a longer body, ants have pinched waist Termites are white or translucent in nature and are also called ”white ant". Ants in India are either black or red.

How can I identify a bed bug infestation and kill bed bugs?

This is not a pest that can be controlled or eliminated with do-it-yourself bed bug spray. To know how to kill bed bugs, one must know that they are not a result of filth or sanitation. They are mostly found on the bed or areas such as mattresses, pillows, blankets and corners.

How effective are store bought traps for rat control?

To successfully get rid of mice and rats, it is critical to determine the size of the rodent While deciding the bait be careful of following sanitation process to ensure it doesn't attract more rats. If you are using rat poison, be extremely careful of cleaning the areas the poison has been exposed to Also, it is not one of the safest methods with children or pets around. Rat traps may help you catch them with significant difficulty, but their pattern brings them right back to the place where they find food.

What are the signs that I need a pest control service?

Although it is quite easy to know when pest infestation strikes your beloved spaces, the evidence can sometimes be subtle. Subtle evidence would include powdered bits of furniture, or half chewed up food or unfortunately your loved ones falling sick. Pests are called so, because they annoy you physically or mentally, and chances are you wont be able to miss the signs. However, the severity of infestation can be judged by professionals. It is important to also identify the type of infestation and customise the service. Professionals also help determine the pest control methods that would pose a threat to the health of your family.

What are the types of pest control services offered?

Biological pest control Fumigation Spray appropriate insecticides and pesticides There is a huge difference between employing pest control service for eliminating pests and pest prevention. The service experts at Ushas offer effective ways to not only help you get rid of pests from your personal space, but also prevent them from coming back.The combination of methods ensure elimination of pests in an effective and sustainable way.

What are the pest control chemical used?

All service experts associated with Ushas are reputable and come with a service guarantee. Like all reputable exterminators, the service experts will be happy to tell you the active ingredient in the chemicals they use. We can also help you with the potential health threats and how you can prevent the chemicals from harming you. The Insecticides Act, 1968 and Insecticides Rules, 1968 regulate the import, registration process, manufacture, sale, transport distribution and use of insecticides (pesticides) with a view to prevent risk to human beings or animals and for all connected matters, throughout India. All chemicals have to necessarily undergo the process before they are made available. Certain chemicals can be banned even after initial approval and certain others have to be put into controlled use. Rest assured, our service experts are certified and are up to date with the chemical ingredients that should be used to do the job.

What is biological pest control?

Biological pest control prohibits the use of chemical methods (pesticides, insecticides or other sprays) and instead uses other organisms to fight the pest menace. It relies on natural mechanisms but needs human management for effective control. It relies on using natural enemies of pests and is an alternative to broad spectrum of chemicals. It becomes extremely crucial to identify the pest and its infestation before employing this method. Even though they need minimal safety measures, the method can also go awry as the process of elimination is extremely specific and is not necessarily the economical option.

What is fumigation and how effective is it?

Fumigation is an intense approach for pest control and is advised in case of termites and bed-bugs. If done correctly, it can completely eradicate the problem. However, it is an investment with regards to time and money. It is advised to vacate the premises before you get fumigation done. The service expert that you hire from Ushas will give you an extensive guide on how to prepare your space before the process is carried out.

Why are these pests always in my home?

Most of the pests have actually been living in your neighbourhood way before you did. They may even been there before it existed and are placed in the neighbourhood because of the landscape, plants or even the weather. It does not necessarily mean that there is a sanitation problem in your house/office. Pests are merely there in your house because it provides them the basic things to survive- food, shelter and water. Which is why the inspection by our service experts is extremely important for it tells you the steps you can take to make your home pest free!

Is it safe to for my family and pets?

Our service experts not only care about the people but also the environment. Which means that all the products that we use and the service experts are authorised and registered with the able authority. The technicians are also trained in safe handling and take you through the process step by step. Each expert is certified and go through Ushas rigorous process of on boarding a professional. We not only ensure safe methods that do not pose a health threat, but also ensure experts who are trustworthy as they undergo a series of background checks.

Which time of the year is the best for pest control?

There is not really a best time to employ pest control services. Call on the experts as and when you spot a pest invading your home or office space. However, spring is usually the best time to get the services done as in winter most pests remain dormant and won't come out. With increased temperature and humidity, it becomes easy to eliminate pests as they are most active.

How soon can I expect results?

Almost immediately! Some pests will get eliminated as soon as the apt chemicals are sprayed but there will be some which will die over the course of few days. Results also vary from pest to pest. For example the wasp is removed as soon as the nest destroyed but in the case of rodents or roaches the chemicals take time to work their magic. Basis your problem, the technician will outline the process that needs to be employed and the associated expectation from it A noticeable difference can be observed within a day or two of getting a pest repeller service. If you notice pest activity even after two weeks, call our service experts.

Is there a service warranty/guarantee?

Since all our service experts are professional with good experience, they come with service warranty. However, basis your budget and the problem, the warranties vary from expert to expert It is advisable to get multiple quotes since Ushas anyway houses many service experts to give you enough options. All service will give you the inspection, the service itself to eliminate the problem and the after service care to ensure that the problem does not come back. you are also advised of the warranties (and other associated information) with the different methods available with the expert.

Do I need to leave my house when I am getting the service?

Usually you would not be asked to leave the house but will be asked to vacate the exact urea where the chemicals will be sprayed. Utmost care is taken by our experts before taking on the job. Here are some do's and don't that you can take of: Remove all food items and water or ensure they are properly covered Remove kids and pets from the areas where chemicals are being sprayed Take time in identifying the correct source of the problem If your family members have breathing problems- Asthma, Sinus, Bronchitis etc. inform the service expert Understand the need to clean the house after the treatment from the service expert.

Why cant I spray my house on my own?

You most certainly can! However, a lot of care needs to be taken before you take on the challenge. Often it becomes difficult to identify the correct source of problem and applying chemicals may not solve the problem. Also safe usage of chemicals is extremely important. You cant use chemicals that are meant for outdoors, inside your home. It is important to read the safety warnings and measures on every method available to remove pests. There are preventive measures to be taken before and after you apply the chemicals or employ methods to get rid of pests.

How frequently should I get pest control services?

The frequency of pest control services can vary from property to property. Here are some factors that can help you determine the number of time you should get the services done: Type of property- A restaurant or a retail store needs the services consistently. This history of pest attack- how often in the past have you hd this problem? The amount of time you deal with this problem on your own Your service expert will be able to give you a fair idea on the frequency after a thorough inspection. Normally in a home, the frequency of pest control services may be an annual affair and will keep your house pest free.

I don't have many insects. Should I be concerned?

It is always advisable to understand the problem in the beginning itself This is also because the more the infestation, the bigger the problem. It will becomes increasingly difficult for you to get rid of the pests if you ignore it when its magnitude is smaller Sometimes you may miss the pests by ignoring the signs. For example, red spots on your bed or brown powder like dust near your furniture indicate bed bugs and termites respectively. There is no harm in calling a service expert and getting a basic inspection done before the problem becomes difficult to tackle and causes discomfort to you and your family.

If I have multiple pests, should I get different pesticides sprayed for each?

Generally, pest control companies employ a broad spectrum of chemicals to tackle a multiple pest problem. Some experts use a combination of chemicals and biological methods to deal with the problem If you have multiple pests, it is advisable to employ a service expert rather than do it yourself because over the counter products do not help tackle the problem with a broad overview.

What can we do to make the treatment more effective?

Preventive measures, depending on the condition, may be advised. For example, if a treatment to eradicate mice has been carried out which includes glue boards to be installed under taps; it is advised not to use the taps for some time. In case of bed bug treatment, it is advised not to use bed boxes

What measures are taken to ensure security?

All the professionals carry their identification cards and wear uniforms. They are licensed by the government and have even undergone internal screening for security and professional checks.

Do we need to worry about the chemicals used in the treatments?

The chemicals used by the professionals are tested and government approved. The smell diffuses in some hours and is 100% secure. you can even avail treatments which use organic material.

Do we need to vacate the place?

This depends on the kind of service being availed For example, if treatment for termites is requested, wood items like bed boxes and cupboards need to be emptied. For bed bugs, the place needs to be vacated for almost 5 hours. While for general pest control, you need not vacate the space at all.

How much is it a hassle for me as a customer?

We understand our customer's busy lifestyles and this is the reason that we try to reduce any kind of mess. You need not get into cleaning the space as it is the proffesionals responsibility to see that the space is not left in a littered condition.



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